Tapah: pundra: tatha nama: mantro yagas cha pancamah:


Pancha Samskaaram

In our life time, we must undergo 40 Samskaras as prescribed in our sastras for purification. Apart from these samskaras, pancha samskaram is respected as the most important and superior samskaram, which gives real birth to a jeevathmaa irrespective of N number of previous births which was spent in complete ignorance. Panchasamskaram(Five Purification) is a process by which one becomes a Sri Vaishnava. Swami ramanjar had appointed 74 dearest disciplies as simmaasanaathipathis or acharya purushas and entrusted the right of performing panchasamskaaram to the individual irrespective of caste, creed, Gender etc.

Smriti vaakhyam
 Tapah: pundra: tatha nama: mantro yagas cha pancamah: 

Thaapa Samskaaram

Changu chakra Lanchanam – An Acharya chants the vedic manthras and heat the divine weapons such as Conch and Discuss in the agni and emboss the heated impressions in sishya’s left and right arms. This process is done to make one understand that we are property of the supreme Sriman Narayanan. 

“Udalum Ullamum Avanathu Udaimaigal enbathai unarthuvatharkkaaga” 

Pundra Samskaram 

Dhvaadasa Urthva Pundra Dhaaranam: 

In this process, an acharya explains on how to wear the dhvaadasa(12 Thiruman Kappugal) Urtha pundram in one’s body. We must wear these 12 Thiruman Kaapu every day by chanting 12 DivyaNaamam of Sriyappathi and Thiruththaayaar. 

Naama Samskaaram 

In this process, sishya would be named with a new name with suffix daasan(Dhaasya Naamam)

Manthra Samskaaram

In this process, an Acharya will do Rahasyathraya(Three Secrets – Continuous chanting with full faith and complete devotion would liberate us from the bondage of this samsara)Manthra Upadesam to a sishyaa. One who receives this manthra upadesam is really blessed.

Yaaga Samskaaram 

In this process, acharya teaches about Bagavath Thiruvaaradhanam. 


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